College Introduction


The Institute of Physical Education, belonging to the North University of China, is an old institute that has a long history. It is formerly known as the Institute of Physical Education and Art and its development can be divided into the following stages: the Physical Education Department of Taiyuan Mechanical College(1958-1994), the Sports and Arts Department of the North China Institute of Technology(1994-2001), the Physical Education department of the North China Institute of Technology(2001-2004), the Physical Education Department of the North University of China(2004-2006), the Sports and Arts Department of the North University of China(2006-2013). There're totally 76 faculty members in the Institute of Physical Education, including 5 professors, 20 associate professors, 10 people who have doctor's degree, 47 lecturers. And all the teachers have got the bachelor's degree, among whom there are 2 Provincial Teaching Celebrities, 2 Referees of International Level, and 20 Referees of National Level.

Currently, the school stadium covers a total area of 15 million square meters, consisting of 1 Natural Turf Rubber Track of 400 meters, 2 Artificial Turf Football Fields, 1 Athletic Field of 200 meters, 1 Indoor Natatorium, 1 Skating Rink, 5 Plastic Tennis Courts with Lights, 36 Basketball Fields, 20 Badminton Grounds, and 4 Volleyball Grounds. What's more, the school stadium also contains several Table Tennis Courts, Aerobics Rooms, Physical Rooms, Fight Club Rooms, and Tae Kwon Do Rooms.

Over the years, The Institute of Physical Education has always adhere to its education philosophy called "people-oriented principle, scientific development, truth-seeking attitude, and talent-cultivating goal" , forming an excellent teaching style known as " teachers have to be meticulous with knowledge and they should also learn while they teach", and a good learning atmosphere known as " Self confidence, self reliance and the self-determination in innovation ". Now, the Institute of Physical Education has 2 undergraduate specialties(Social sports specialty, sports training specialty), several Sports' Master Educations of first-class discipline ( including three grade-2 subjects, that is, sports humanistic sociology, Physical Education and Training, Sports Human Science, and National Traditional Sports ). It also has 10 laboratories used for Exercise Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Sports Biomechanics, covering an area of 700 square meters and the total price of its laboratory equipments is more than 2 million Yuan.

A new starting point refers to a new journey. Under the leadership of the school party committee, the Institute of Physical Education will regard educating people as the foundation, and focus on the teachers' and students' life-long development to promote the Institute  of Physical Education to realize a comprehensive development from the new historical starting point, through reforms and innovations and the educational quality-centered connotative construction.